The horsepower behind your brand

Cavalry is Auckland’s leading outsourced marketing agency. We help leading New Zealand SMEs take their brands to market stronger, faster and smarter. If you’re short on marketing expertise, or simply need some extra marketing & design resource to gain better brand traction, then call the Cavalry today!

Call us now to arrange an obligation-free meeting to discuss your outsourced marketing needs: 09 379 2880

Don't just compete.... lead the charge

Based in Eden Terrace, Auckland, Cavalry Marketing & Design works with leading New Zealand brands, helping to provide strategic marketing direction, and the resource to successfully implement high impact battle plans - marketing plans and creative campaigns that will help you consistently outsmart, outmanoeuvre and outperform your competitors.

Much more than just a marketing consultant or a freelance graphic designer, Cavalry brings a full team of marketing and creative experts to the table. With all the complementary skills in place to help shape and grow your brand, you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

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