How we gave this client's social media a face lift...

16 Oct 2018

  Social Media Management is part of the modern marketing mix and involves ensuring all areas of marketing and promotion are innovatively, uniquely, and genuinely expressed throughout the appropriate social media...

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Go hard or go home – keys to running a successful promotion

01 Jun 2018

Exceptional quality treatments at exceptional value prices is central to The Cosmetic Clinic’s brand. Even so, they often run campaigns offering even better deals to their client base. While their promotions...

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Apparelmaster's 40th Anniversary Conference

25 May 2018

I started the week feeling a little worse for wear following our wonderful client Apparelmaster’s 40th Anniversary Conference in Wellington. As they approached this significant birthday, Apparelmaster requested additional support from...

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Grey Ridge Promotion Converts Diners to Pinot Lovers

24 Jan 2018

Grey Ridge Vineyard came to Cavalry to help launch their wine in the Auckland market—a project that started with getting the product into St Heliers’ popular French restaurant, La Fourchette....

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The Majority Report

08 Nov 2017

I’ve never been a sci-fi fan, having no interest in Star Trek, Star Wars or Star anything to be honest. However, I have always had a thing for films that...

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Customer relevancy, erectile dysfunction and the last hot choc

25 Sep 2017

Last week I walked into my favourite café and sang, ‘And now the end is near…’ My favourite café owner laughed, and made my favourite hot chocolate. Drew (he of...

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Would you get a 5 star rating?

22 Aug 2017

How things have changed when it comes to customers reporting on whether they have received good or bad service. Back in the day, if you were unsatisfied with something you...

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What's the story?

10 Jul 2017

The fine art of storytelling… Creating compelling stories According to urban legend (and Wikipedia), Ernest Hemingway while lunching with friends at a restaurant, bet his dining companions ten dollars each that he...

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Have You Got a Plan M?

25 May 2016

It’s pretty much a given that when you run a small to medium-sized business you are expected to fulfil a number of roles. From sales director, to HR manager, IT...

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Sales Promotion is Dead, Long Live Sales Promotion!

02 Dec 2015

Is sales promotion a dying art? Can it survive in the modern world of whizzy technology and gadgetry? Can innovation and creativity at the coal-face still drive sales? You betcha it can!...

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