Marketing budgets

Just like your battle plan, your marketing budget will be determined according to the specific needs of your business. Are you just starting out and needing to achieve rapid market penetration, or is your brand more established and you’re now looking for new opportunities for sales growth? Your marketing budget should be closely aligned to your overall business plan and be set at a realistic level that will allow you to reach your business goals. As a rule of thumb, most high-performing global brands invest on average 5% of their gross profit into marketing. Cavalry can help you to determine what the ideal budget is for your business and the best way to spend it.

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quoteThe size of your budget isn't important, it's what you do with it that matters. As long as you focus your efforts and budget on providing useful content to relevant customers in a targeted manner, your budget is always going to be maximised. quote

Emily Smart
 Creative Director - Cavalry