Build your Brand Momentum

16 Apr 2020

With the potential move to Level 3, many businesses will be thinking about reaching out to their customers. But how? Here at Cavalry, we've been helping some of our clients with their brand momentum. Find out how... ...

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Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

08 Apr 2020

Stuck in a lockdown funk? Not sure of what to do for your business in light of all this? Planning your 'next steps' is crucial and is a great way to stay motivated and positive, so we're offering FREE online strategy sessions with our team! Yes...FREE! ...

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Finding your 'Pivot'

03 Apr 2020

With everything that's going on at the moment, it may be time to 'Find your Pivot'. What does this mean? How do I pivot in times like these? Well, here's Glen from Cavalry to talk you through it......

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Social Butterflies…’s time to shine!

31 Mar 2020

We’ve been getting a lot of questions around how to make social media work best during lock-down so we decided to put our answers into a video!...

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It’s Moments Like These You Need Minties…

27 Mar 2020

And good, well-planned communications! Even though we're at Level 4 Lockdown in New Zealand, now is not the time lock down your comms. Now is the time to really take control of how you communicate with your customers....

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Why are Google Reviews important?

14 Jun 2019

Google will always try and present the most relevant and optimised results for local searches. There are many ways to optimise your Google My Business to ensure you sit at...

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How we gave this client's social media a face lift...

13 May 2019

  Social Media Management is part of the modern marketing mix and involves ensuring all areas of marketing and promotion are innovatively, uniquely, and genuinely expressed throughout the appropriate social media...

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Cavalry's guide to inspiring business podcasts

29 Apr 2019

Podcasts have become another avenue for us to get our fix of information and entertainment in this digital age. There’s a podcast for just about every topic in the universe! Here’s...

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Cavalry - Here & ready to help with the heavy lifting

25 Mar 2019

We’ve had a very busy week helping three of our clients put their best foot forward at key industry events.  This meant helping to develop / coordinate conference stands, literature,...

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Go hard or go home – keys to running a successful promotion

11 Mar 2019

Exceptional quality treatments at exceptional value prices is central to The Cosmetic Clinic’s brand. Even so, they often run campaigns offering even better deals to their client base. While their promotions...

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