The BEST Fish’n’Chips on the Island – The Local, Waiheke

Thu, 15 Aug 2019

There’s a secret the locals on Waiheke Island have been trying to keep to themselves for too long! The good news is – we found it! And now we’re letting you in on our new favourite fish’n’chippie!

Okay, okay, they came to us as potential clients, but when it comes to food, the Cavalry team won’t be swayed by bias. We like to think of ourselves as amateur foodies and all of us here love a good feed. So, when we were approached by The Local on Waiheke Island to help with their marketing, we thought a trip over to the fair isle was in order to try this local treasure for ourselves. After all, you can’t sell what you haven’t tried!

What we discovered was the best damn fish and chips we’ve ever tasted! Not kidding!

It started out as a quality test and a photoshoot to capture their team in action and ended up being a long lunch of the most delectably simple, yet scrumptiously superior fish, chips, burgers, wild boar sausage, and a whole lot of Tiger Beer! Not bad for a day at the office!

We’re thrilled to welcome The Local to the Cavalry team and to our existing community of amazing clients. Founded and operated by Waiheke locals, Simon and Sara, The Local brings good ol’ fashioned fish’n’chips to a whole new level. The freshest snapper you’ve ever had… straight-out-of-the-ocean kind of fresh, batter that melts in your mouth and leaves you feeling light as a feather, a sausage that is half wild and half free-range farmed, and rustically real burger buns that are actually toasted – oh, and did we mention that they have a wine list stocked with local Waiheke faves such as the indescribably delicious Man O War Rosé.

Located on the main Oneroa strip, just below the Four Square, The Local also offers the most picturesque views from their private deck. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful ocean views while you devour the amazing food (or inhale, as Glen did…).

Simon has a strong background in hospitality, honing his craft while working in popular Viaduct institute, Soul Bar & Bistro. A turn of events brought him onto Waiheke Island, where he met Sara and opened up shop to bring his passion for good food and hospitality into the warm and welcoming environment aptly named, The Local. In peak season, Simon and his team manage to serve the highest quality food to anywhere between 500-800 people per DAY. Don’t ask how he does it, we don’t know. But what we do know, is that the food is great, as are the staff! Maybe that’s how.

Simon and his team regaled us with captivating stories of the real locals, fun visitors they’ve had from all over the world, their library of recipe books - perfect for browsing while waiting for your lunch or dinner, their down-to-earth local suppliers who provide them with the very best local produce to ensure their food is top notch, even their hilarious delivery guy (on ya, Grant!). In The Local we have found a marketers holy grail – a client whose stories make us laugh, warm our hearts, and make us want to uproots and move to the island!

Of course, we want to share this little gem with you, our community, so we’ll keep you updated with what we’re up to with this awesome little eatery. We LOVE clients that feed us, it definitely makes for a great day of team building! Oh, we LOVE all of our other clients too, of course – just feed us… ;)

Unfortunately, we were one man down on the day – our designer Sam decided running up the Skytower was a good idea – the rest of us have no idea why (could’ve been the fundraising for mental health). Sam managed this heroic climb in 6minutes 59seconds, making him 13th overall! Amazing stuff, Sam – better you than us!  

If you’d like to find out more, or if you want a thorough food review, give the team a call and we’ll be more than happy to tell you all about it!