Welcome to the team Carla!

Tue, 16 Oct 2018

With 20 years’ experience as a creative professional and enough enthusiasm to jump-start a jumbo jet, Carla is an exciting addition to the Cavalry team. Her unique and charismatic style makes Carla awesome to work with and she puts passion into every project she undertakes.

Carla is an excellent photographer and has a keen eye for detail. She has already worked on many shoots with Cavalry clients, resulting in eye-catching content. She is our Chief Content Creator, which is backed by an innate understanding of marketing, brand definition and strategic content structure. Carla’s past writing experiences include specialist book and ghost writing experience, with two award winning cookbooks. When it comes to social media strategy, Carla has been instrumental in implementing successful strategies into our client’s social media platforms – with amazing results.

Carla is a big picture thinker and creates effective, compelling content for web, print, marketing, media and brand storytelling. Her concepts and ideas for websites, digital content and other forms of marketing have already helped to move many of our client’s brands forward.

If you haven’t already spent some time with Carla discussing your brand, book it in!


Glen Keeley

Glen Keeley

Managing Director

Glen established Cavalry after holding a number of senior marketing roles in the corporate sector. He has a strong strategic marketing and retail background.