Go hard or go home – keys to running a successful promotion

Mon, 11 Mar 2019

Exceptional quality treatments at exceptional value prices is central to The Cosmetic Clinic’s brand. Even so, they often run campaigns offering even better deals to their client base.

While their promotions always perform well, last April they were looking for an extra boost. Cue ‘Hair Today, Gone… Monday’ – 5 days of 50% off TCC’s five most popular laser hair removal treatments.

The result was incredible, with a 400% increase in a usual week’s sales, crammed into just 5 days. Our client was delighted, and, as our campaign of the month, we thought it was worth exploring what we can learn from its success, and how this may apply to other clients.

We’ve broken it down and come up with two key points:

1. A genuinely good offer spins wheels.
2. Effective communication is everything – work the angles.

So this is where ‘go hard or go home’ comes in – if you want to really get people excited, you need some skin in the game. With so many businesses using ‘XX% OFF’ deals to boost sales, today more than ever customers are savvy to what does and does not represent a real deal, and respond accordingly. So be bold.

Once you’ve determined what you’re willing to offer, you want to be shouting it from the rooftops. Hair Today, Gone… Monday was promoted across the TCC website, an EDM and SMS sent out to the existing database and in-clinic screens. Where this one really came into its own, however, was on social media. The 50% off special got customers so excited they were sharing it with friends outside of The Cosmetic Clinic’s fanbase, wildly increasing brand engagement as well as new client outreach and engagement.

This kind of organic reach presents a huge opportunity to find new customers and ultimately turn them into returning ones.

Your customer base want something to talk about. Next time you’re running a promotion, perhaps try offering them a deal so good they not only can’t refuse it, but they simply have to tell others about it.


Glen Keeley

Glen Keeley

Managing Director

Glen established Cavalry after holding a number of senior marketing roles in the corporate sector. He has a strong strategic marketing and retail background.