How we gave this client's social media a face lift...

Mon, 13 May 2019


Social Media Management is part of the modern marketing mix and involves ensuring all areas of marketing and promotion are innovatively, uniquely, and genuinely expressed throughout the appropriate social media channels and platforms relevant to your business. Having a dedicated marketing team that controls and designs your social media strategy and delivery, creates consistency of brand messaging in the marketplace. We created a social media strategy for our client The Cosmetic Clinic, including designing a fresh, modern, brand-appropriate look, and implemented it across their Facebook and Instagram channels.

A Fresh Feed

Instagram is an image-focused platform so posting quality photos and imagery is essential to maintaining engagement with your audience. Also, a recognisable ‘look and feel’ gives followers a sense of loyalty and instant recognition. Having a theme and colour palette within your posts is an important part of creating a presence within social media platforms. It means that when your post is seen by a follower, they instantly know it’s from your brand. We aimed to do this with The Cosmetic Clinic by using a common filter in Instagram photos and creating a pattern of posts. The three shades of blue is a colour palette that aligns with The Cosmetic Clinic brand, the new website, and looks great on the Instagram and Facebook feeds. The Cosmetic Clinic is a medi-aesthetic brand based around beauty, so providing regular beauty tips and inspiration is key. And because New Zealand is a culture very much focused on natural beauty, we wanted the feed to be beautifully natural showing as many real New Zealanders as possible.

It’s important that we celebrate the beauty of all ages, sizes and ethnicities to show that The Cosmetic Clinic serves a diverse range of clientele. It was important for us to show that coming to see The Cosmetic Clinic isn’t about changing the individual but instead highlighting their existing beauty and giving them a kick of confidence.  

Instagram is a key source of inspiration and is the ideal platform to drive the target market to the website’s promotions, Facebook Page, and call to book consults. In the two months since our takeover, we’ve increased the followers by 25%.


Facebook is an ideal platform to launch and boost promotions, inspire through informative blogs and posts, and get the audience talking, sharing, and messaging direct. Engagement is all about two-way communication so being able to connect trough Facebook to the audience directly gave us better control of supporting sales conversions. While we have carried the skin tips and quotes across to Facebook, we made changes to make them fit better within the Facebook feed. Facebook is the platform we wanted to focus on providing followers with important information and answer any questions. Keeping it real, relevant and ultimately engaging, we’re really happy with how The Cosmetic Clinic audience relates to and engages on this popular platform.

Numbers Speak Louder than Words!

After we took over The Cosmetic Clinic’s social media on 1 August, in the first month we were able to increase their total reach across Facebook and Instagram by 50%. Facebook Fan Reach increased 127% and overall reach by 61%. We were able to grow their Instagram following by 17% and reach by 38%.

Check out The Cosmetic Clinic's Instagram and Facebook.