Why are Google Reviews important?

Fri, 14 Jun 2019

Google will always try and present the most relevant and optimised results for local searches. There are many ways to optimise your Google My Business to ensure you sit at the top of the results page and the quality and quantity of your Google reviews will help this. As you can imagine Google certainly likes its reviews as much, if not more, than other online reviews. It is important to keep a steady stream of valuable reviews to maintain a good rating from Google and it is especially important you try and get more than your competitors.

In our latest push for Google Reviews, we got a 30% response, which is awesome! We will be doing it again and you should too for your brand. These days people are time poor, and if you don’t ask you often won’t get. Put a plan around how you want to gain more reviews, send out your requests, put an incentive in place, shake the trees and see what you get out.

Get in touch if you need some help to get this going for your business. Want more ideas? Just call the Cavalry.

Check out our video of our latest Google Review winner!